Super Cord



Vectran® is a high-strength fiber developed by Kuraray which is used in a wide range of applications
from sports to industrial materials.
In addition to its strength, non-hygroscopic Vectran® offers a combination of outstanding properties
including low elongation, low creep and dimensional stability,
making it a suitable material for a range of cord products.

Characteristics of Vectran®

Physical properties of Vectran®

(HT type)

Density g/cm3 1.41
Decomposition temperature >400
Tensile strength cN/dtex 22.9
Tensile elongation % 3.8
Tensile elasticity cN/dtex 530
Elongation curves of yarns (1670dtex)

Moisture resistance

It hardly absorbs moisture, making it resistant to dimensional and physical changes in warm and moist environments.

Dimensional change under wet-dry cyclic condition

Dimensional stability (low elongation/low creep)

Its dimensions undergo almost no change allowing it to exhibit outstanding performance in applications requiring millimeter-level accuracy.

Dimensional stability (low elongation/low creep)

Heat resistance

Highly resistant to heat.
Exhibits excellent heat aging resistance under both high and wet atmospheric heat conditions.

Heat resistance

Abrasion resistance

Highly resistant to both fiber-to-fiber abrasion and wear from bending, offering a more wear-resistant cord alternative.

  Vectran® PPTA (Regular) PET
Fiber-to-fiber abrasion (times)*1 23600 945 25900
MIT bending (strength retention rate %)*2 97 51 95
  • 2kg load, the number of times until breaking
  • Bent 10,000 times to the angle of 130°
  • Vectran® is a registered trademark of Kuraray.